Juvenile Lupus Club

The Juvenile Lupus Club (JLC) is a non-profit voluntary organisation which is under the umbrella of the National Arthritis Foundation. It is a medical support group that has the aims of helping children with Lupus and their families. It also seeks to educate these little patients, their families and the public on issues like “What is Lupus?” and it looks for ways to provide support for these children and their families.

To educate and to provide any form of support, whether it is medical or educational, for these affected children and their families.

Its objectives are:
– to provide the necessary educational talks, seminars and family camps to these children who are affected by Lupus and their families;
– to provide moral support for the affected families;
– to create a conducive environment of unity which lets them know that they are not alone in fighting this battle;
– to provide enlightenment to these children and their families;
– to achieve a better understanding of the disease and hence, that would lead to better management of the disease by these children and their families; and
– to form a closer and better doctor/patient relationship so as to achieve optimal knowledge and management of the disease.

Club activities
The activities of the Juvenile Lupus Club would include educational talks, seminars and family camps which are organised by the parent volunteers who work together with the medical specialists in the management of Lupus. Social gatherings like Christmas parties would provide opportunities for parents and doctos to interact and to share their experiences. Social and educational outings like visits to the Night Safari, Science center and so on would provide opportunities for these affected children to acquire knowledge outside of formal classroom teachings. Through these activities and subsequent interactions, the parent volunteers hope to improve the lives of those affected children and their families. The Lupus Club also hope to be able to help needy families obtain the necessary financial aid.

The children that are diagnosed with these Childhood Theumatic Diseases are mostly treated in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The underlying problem is inflammation in the connective tissues of the body. Unfortunately, till today the cause is unknown. We sincerely hope that by creating public awareness, we will be able to reach out to other affected children and get them on to therapy and treatment before their medical condition deteriorates.

For more information, kindly contact us at info(AT)arthritis.org.sg or sign up as a NAF member now!