About the NAF

The National Arthritis Foundation (NAF) was registered as a charitable body in 1984 and is the largest public organization in Singapore.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission are embodied in the acronym CARE, namely:

  • Care for Patients
  • Advocate against Arthritis
  • Research to fight Arthritis
  • Educate patients and the public on Arthritis

Our Objectives

We are devoted to the three fold aims of helping Arthritis sufferers, educating patients and the public on Arthritis, and supporting Arthritis research.

  • Patient Welfare – Financial subsidies for needy patients for medical and surgical treatments through the Patient Subsidy Care Programme.
  • Public and Patient Education – Initiatives include the dissemination of patient education pamphlets and conducting of regular public forums.
  • Encouraging research on Arthritis